‘Salvation and the free favors of God profusely abound’ - Luke 4:19

“And this Good News of the Kingdom; will be preached throughout the whole world as a Testimony to all the nations, and then,  finally, the end will come.”

(Matthew 24:14)

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Any Church/Ministry may choose to apply for registration in order to be eligible for:


You can either register your Church/Ministry as a Non Profit Organization (NPO) OR Non Profit Company (NPC) in South Africa. Both entities are for Non Profit purposes, but the registrations procedure is different. NPCs are registered at the CIPC under the Companies Act and NPOs are registered at the Social Development under the NPO Act in South Africa. Below please find the difference between the NPO and NPC and requirements respectively, for your perusal.

  1. NON PROFIT COMPANY (Formerly known as SECTION 21)

The NPC is registered at the DTI under the Companies Act.

The name need to be reserved before registration (Maximum of four suggested names required).

Minimum of three (3) directors or more required.

Fees: R1100 (inclusive of Registration and constitution).

Turn-around time: 10 working days.

After registration, we will send you a Registration Certificate via email.

To register a New Church/Ministry as NPC click: info@thabom.co.za and we’ll respond with the relevant forms ASAP.


The NPO is registered at the Social Development under the NPO  Act.

No name reservation required.

Minimum of three (3) unrelated directors or more required.

Fees: R950 (Registration and constitution).

Turn-around time: 20 working days.

What Happens after registration:

NB:      The NPO Head office in Pretoria has a backlog in terms of issuing and sending     

registration certificates. In a nutshell, it takes 20 working days to get the    

registration done, but it might take up to three or four months for you to get

the certificate.

To register a New Church/Ministry as NPO click: info@thabom.co.za and we’ll respond with the relevant forms ASAP.



Man of God! What you have done for our Congregants is absolutely above imagination, you know the registration seemed to us as something that needed special prayers and special people, we have been trying to register many a times, but unsuccessful. In deed to us you are that special person!

May God richly bless you! Rev. Mnisi.

Hi Pastor Thabo
On behalf of Summit Ministries I would like to thank you for doing business with us in the very good way. I went to the post office and I managed to get the documents that you sent to us. May our Lord keep you and bless you richly as we are looking forward to do more business with you. Best Regards, TJ Ndlala.

Good day Pastor Thabo, yes I just received all sent documents. I would like to extend my gratitude to ThaboM Ministries International for your outstanding delivery and it is much appreciated. Warm Regards, Pastor Kubheka.